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TrafficFlame Professional Web Hosting

NGINX & Premium Hosting with cPanel

Functions of Great Power

NGINX is proxy accelerating of high performance that serves so much for traffic HTTP as HTTPS, with an excellent stability, a rich set of functions, a simple configuration and a low use of resources.

MariaDB will be a direct replacement for MySQL, with more characteristics of accessories, better yield and datum points that demonstrate that MariaDB is basically faster than MySQL.

With support incorporated for DNSSEC, PowerDNS offers a yield very high, accelerated resolutions of DNS, instantaneous starting and efficiently handles the memory during the intense traffic.

It includes:
Softaculous Car Installer: To see Apps
Responsive Site Builder: 286 Subjects
Automatic optimization cPanel
Google PageSpeed Turbo I broke
ClamAV E-mail Anti-virus
Global CloudFlare Cloud CDN
Backups Daily automated
24 hours of Monitoring of the Servant

Thousands of mail accounts €œOrder their plan€.

20 Gb. Disc space
500 Gb. Data transfer
1000 Cuentas de E-Mail
1000 Bases of MariaDB data
1000 Usuary Data base
1000 Alias of Domains (Parked)
SSL Free Certificate (HTTPS)
CPanel includes 1 Control Panel

Servers in the USA

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