Guarantee, Quality and price!

Guarantee of equalization of prices: In Host Logan we have the guarantee of which our price of lodging is of lowest than it exists in the market. If it finds some company that offers a better price and characteristics than we offer, We speak and we will be able to equal the price, it concerns the client and our interest is to give a good service to the same price that the competition.


Softaculous Car Installer: To see Apps
Responsive Site Builder: 286 Subjects
Automatic optimization DirectAdmin
Google PageSpeed Turbo I broke
ClamAV E-mail Anti-virus
Global CloudFlare Cloud CDN
Backups Daily automated
Excellent to lodge WordPress
24 hours of Monitoring of the Servant
Technical support by Ticket & WhatsApp


5 Gb. Disc space
200 Gb. Data transfer
500 Subdominios
500 Cuentas de E-Mail
500 Bases of MySQL data
500 Usuary Data base
500 Alias of Domains (Parked)
SSL Free Certificate (HTTPS)
It includes 1 DirectAdmin Control Panel
Servers in the USA

What We offer

Our solutions help the client to obtain the quality of the Webhosting service that deserves and the most profitable way. We have existed during long time and we create in being a valuable partner for our clients. We do not make the sale and we run, we are here for remaining and we are here for doing what it is necessary to maintain to you happy..

17 global locations

We use 17 strategic locations centered generally for a fast super connectivity (to read more.)

It lodges Multiple Sites

It administers and it lodges multiple websites to very competitive prices.

The Best Time on watch

The guarantee of the time of activity is of the 99,9%. Reason why their websites will be always in line.

Protection by means of Firewall

Firewall Hardware will block the malicious traffic automatically and will protect its website.

Protecti³n de Datos

We realise daily backup copies to avoid the loss of data and the backup copies are stored in Amazon S3.


We install a Certificate SSL of 128 bits (https: //) in websites lodged (to order) WITHOUT position.

Why to choose our servers?

Our servers are VERY fast, reliable and are located in the United States, Europe and Singapore. The hardware of the servant is chosen and formed carefully, to guarantee the maximum yield and reliability. We only use quality servers Dual superior with processors Quad Core Xeon, motherboards Intel, RAM ECC and hard disks of high performance of enterprise degree with configuration RAID for the best protection of data. By defect we installed the new accounts in the USA.

  • Backup copies 100%

    We use the continuous Protection of data of R1Soft, that snapshot regular of the servant and stores them in a safe place in one of our other datacenters.

  • Security 100%

    Prot©g© by best firewall of hardware and monitoring throughout the day, guarantees that our servers remain safe with the last updates of the system.


    In order to guarantee that always it can accede to his site, we have connection to Internet of several levels with dual connections GBPS to each of our servers.


Megabyte transferred to the month


Pages served in 1 month


Lodged archives until now


Megabyte in backup storage

Our datacenters have a direct optical communications net of several gigabits, that provides an immensely stable and extremely fast yield.

The daily audits of security assure that our servers remain safe, against the daily threats, with the last updates of the system.

Solutions of enterprise storage that help to store, to maintain, to protect and to recover information of easy and profitable way.

The automated monitoring of hardware the 24 hours alerts to our equipment of the datacenter long before any type of hardware fault.

Effective and fast delivery of its content Web in line optimized for Dedicated Server with high traffic and websites that have global reach.

Answers to Frequent Questions:)

As its partner of lodging Web, Host Logan understands that its confidence is our more important assets. In order to preserve that confidence, it would like us that she makes any question with respect to our product before coming to the final purchase. We appreciate its questions and we will be enchanted to respond them. Meanwhile, to obtain fast answers, it reads the following list of frequent Questions.

The industry of the lodging Web is evolving and changing day to day, like the technology. For example, for 8 years, the servers dedicated with 32 GB of RAM would cost around $ 600 per month, but today with one better configuration, the servers of 32 GB of RAM are available to only $ 150 per month. Similar to this, are multiple improvements in the technology that implies compression, yield, scale, speed, security and storage. This technological improvement is what it impels to reduce the price to us. One does not worry, we know clearly this industry by more than one decade and know what we are doing. All the prices that see in our website are final and they do not have hidden positions.

As much in the industry of the domain as of the Hosting much competition exists, we we were dedicated to the Hosting that is what better we know to do. For the domains them we can recommend very good suppliers and among them it is: (the best one of the market).

In order to avoid the fraud, all the accounts activate after a process of payment verification manual. Once the payment is verified, the account activates right away. At any time, if it needs an urgent activation, it does not doubt in contacting opening a ticket to us live of support or by means of chat. The majority of the activations of the account is realised within the 30 minutes, the maximum time for the activation during the week ends is of 3 hours.

We have a limit settled down in our package of €œStandard€ lodging, but we can extend to him if you make good use of them by means of a request to the technical department. We did not receive to him by the extension. We solicit that it uses the resources of the servant of optimal way, without abuse of resources. As it knows, the majority of the lodging companies Web of nowadays offers space in disc and limitless bandwidth (this never is certain). For more details, it consults our pages FUP and AUP.

No, the function €œadditional Domains€ is deshabilitada in DirectAdmin. Lamentably, we cannot qualify this function, does not open a support ticket that asks for the activation of additional domains. The lodging plan only works with 1 only domain, if it needs more domains, has to buy a plan for each domain.

At this moment we offer two plans of lodgings; Plan with cpanel DirecAdmin with 5 Gb of storage and the best price of the market and plan with the famous Control Panel €œcpanel€ and accounts of up to 20 Gb of storage

You do not worry, we can HELP. If it has an account of DirectAdmin lodged with another supplier, we can transfer the content of his site (s) totally free. In order to begin a process of transference of the website of DirectAdmin, it opens a ticket of support along with his name of user and password of DirectAdmin of the present supplier and our equipment of migration will move its website to our servers. If it has a website that is not lodged through DirectAdmin (for example: cPanel, Plesk, Webmin€¦) still we can directly move the content of the website of servant to servant without having to unload all the data to his local computer. For more details, it opens a support ticket.

Yes, if it wishes to cancel within 15 days we will give back his complete money to him. Passed the period of test and if it does not say anything, we will understand that it wishes to continue with the service. For more details, it visits our page of SLA.

We do not offer telephone attendance because we really think that it would not be possible to provide the same effective attendance by telephone. We have decided this for 3 reasons: (a) Is faster. We can arrive quickly at the bottom of his questions without putting it in delay. (b) the support of entrances in line maintains detailed registries in a single place. This guarantees that nothing is lost in the translation if we needed to scale his problem. We will always have access to previous tickets so that it does not have to repeat questions. (c) Can make questions by means of WhatsApp and we will try to respond as rapidly as possible, in case of technical attendance always has to send a ticket.

Simply it opens a support ticket to obtain a fast resolution of its technical problems. Our system will allow to open to a ticket granting to him a number him of unique ticket identification that will maintain it informed in each passage into the way while the technician solves his request. Any new update will be sent automatically to its e-mail, so that it can be informed on the present state into the request on watch, since a technician to his case until the end when assigns itself the technician closes his ticket and the problem is solved.